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Belaa has multiple explanations in numerous languages. It is synonymous with beautiful, jasmine, time, violin and limit! But we resonated the most with the meaning CREEPER, considering how our BELAA DANGLERS had a very vine like essence!

Material & Dimensions

These beautiful danglers are definitely worth the hype, designed to be worn in 2 ways!
Made in 100% hypoallergenic brass and coated in 22k gold plating. Dimensions" 3" + 2.5"

Jewellery care

Like all jewellery, our pieces require a little bit of care and attention to keep them looking as new and shiny as when you received them. Avoid wearing your aarka. jewellery in shower, refrain contact with perfumes and lotion. For gold plated jewelry, occasional cleaning with a soft cloth will keep your jewelry shiny and remove the oxidation, however, excessive polishing may rub off or scratch the plating and store your jewellery in the velvet pouch that was sent with your order.