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Duaa Chain

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Duaa: Your favourite vintage jewellery taweez made stylish and modern! 


Taweez is an Urdu word rendering of the Arabic word ‘ta’weedh’ which is another term used for tameemah. A tameemah can be defined as an object which is hung on someone or something with the belief that it has the power to repel harm or bring about good fortune. Therefore the words taweez and tameemah are often translated as amulet, charm or talisman. We named this chain Duaa such that it always remains close to you as a blessed prayer! 

Material & Dimensions

Made in 100% hypoallergenic brass, 18k gold plated, the Duaa measures 16 +3 inches. Can be worn longest at 19 inches. Dimensions of the envelope: 1" x 0.5"

Jewellery Care

Like all jewellery, our pieces require a little bit of care and attention to keep them looking as new and shiny as when you received them. Your aarka. jewelry is minimal, yet durable. These are water-resistant, so you can use them in the shower, sea and pool. The jewelry can be worn while training and sustains exposure to heat and sweat. You can store the jewellery in the velvet pouch that was sent with your order.